Who is Felicity?

Felicity Kemp

Felicity is the owner of Talk Results Telemarketing which has been established since 2009.

Felicity’s passion for both her businesses is to offer flexibility and affordability to SME’s, remove the unnecessary jargon and to make both telemarketing and networking an enjoyable experience.

Felicity loves to help and support businesses across the UK and when she realised the need to grow her telemarketing business but didn’t have hefty sums of money to join groups or the timescale to attend weekly / fortnightly meetings she decided something needed to be done.

When speaking with others she realised she was not alone and created a group based on the needs of other local businesses.

Simple things such as supplying attendees with a delegates list can make a huge difference to growing a business, gaining new connections and forming new relationships.

Felicity is also thankful with her link to Mama Liz’s in Stamford as she feels their gorgeous food and excellent brownies are the key for returning attendees! (If you don’t believe her come along and try it for yourself!).